Price : $99.99
Brand : York Nordic

York Nordic Traveler Classic 4 Piece Folding Walking Poles – Classic Nordic Grips 15.5″ Travel Size with Carrying Bag

Love to walk and love to travel? Then these poles are for you. The team at York Nordic has created these 3 piece travel poles for the busy traveler. The poles fold up to just 15.5 inches and include their own Velcro strap and carrying case. Once expanded they can extend from 43″ to 53.5″.

Easy click out release glove style strap maximizes pole control and push while allowing you to quickly release from the pole to adjust your glasses or even take a phone call. This modern Nordic grip is thicker than traditional super thin Nordic grips making it more comfortable. Traditional glove grips require rethreading the strap every time you put them on. Our strap has a specially designed thicker end which keeps the strap threaded through the buckle making it easier to get the strap secured with less frustration. The glove strap secures your hand to the pole and has extra padding under the Velcro strap to comfort your palm. Your hand is held in proper position by a red elastic strap between your thumb and index finger.

Our poles are made from high grade aluminum and feature our exclusive flip locks that quickly snap (and stay) in place.

All poles comes with a screw on ‘basket’ for snow and sand walking and a solid tungsten steel tip. We’ve even included detachable rubber feet; perfect for street walking. Every order includes a free access to an online Nordic Walking community with free instructional videos. All poles comes with a 5 year warranty.

York Nordic was founded by certified Nordic walking instructor Lauren DeLong. Based on the seacoast of New England, the Company combines world class sports engineering with the unique design styles of our artists. All products are designed in the US with component fabrication in the US and China. Final assembly is done in Portsmouth, NH.


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