Don’t Leave Home Without This

Share on TumblrLife happens… No matter how much control we think we have over it, any given second can quickly become a crisis. And when that happens, there is no … Continue reading

[FREEBIE TOOL] 007 Would Be Proud

Share on TumblrIf there is one thing a survivalist should never be without, it’s a knife. I try to make sure that I always have one on me, but sometimes … Continue reading

Test: [Pass/Fail] Would You Pass The “Arms Length” Test?

Share on TumblrWould you pass the “arms length” test? Click here to make sure In any survival situation if you are caught unprepared you will quickly be left to survive … Continue reading

Weird Little Knife Drives TSA Crazy [You Get One FREE]

Share on TumblrThe TSA is saying [this little knife] is making them crazy? >> See It Closer Up Here << Why? Because… they can’t detect them. Our friends at Survival … Continue reading

An Introduction to Camping in the Wilderness.

Share on TumblrI can think of no better definition or description of camping than this quote from Daniel J. Rice “If you have not touched the rocky wall of a … Continue reading

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