Ultimate, Compact, Single-person Adventure Hammock by Tribe Provisions (Green)

Tribe Provisions engineered this single-person, adventure hammock to withstand punishing conditions while being small enough so you can carry with you into the back country. With this hammock in hand, you can wander into the wilderness knowing that there will be a place to rest your head. You will face the adventures of life with confidence. Undaunted by the unknown, you will step boldly into the future. Yes, the Tribe Hammock will become an essential tool in your quest for greatness. We supply the hammock, you supply the courage. When you buy a Tribe Hammock, you get everything you will need: screwgate carabiners that will never bend or break; fray-resistant polypropylene cables made to be used over and over again; a stuff-bag attached to the hammock so it will never wander off; and, a glow-in-the-dark Tribe “sun” image on the front because…well, because it’s cool.


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