MIU COLOR®Stylish Portable Real Borosilicate Glass Water Bottle with Grey Nylon Sleeve, 550ml

MIU COLOR® is based on the theme of “slow life “, simple, environmentally friendly, comfortable daily necessities for consumers everywhere, focusing on the development and extension of the day-to-day supplies, products ranging from home, office, travel, to clothing.

MIU COLOR® stores cover all over the world, and provide a relaxing and harmonious, natural enjoyment for the fans of” slow life “to enjoy the sun, air, water, exercise and the source of life and health.

Product Description:

– Brand: MIU COLOR

– Material: Borosilicate Glass is a kind of low expansion rate, high temperature resistance, high strength, high hardness, high transmittance and high chemical stability, which is known as a kind of special glass material.

Matters Needing Attention

– Please ensure that the bottom has been tightened before you pour water into the cup.

– Do not use the bottle without the strainer.

– Do not clean the glass bottle with hard items or metal cleaning ball, or put it into dishwasher, to avoid scratches and rupture.

– Please do not continue to use the product in the damaged status.

Maintenance Manual

– In order to prevent odor or stains, please clean and dry the bottle after use.

– There may be some rust red spots if use impure water. You could soak it in the vinegar water for about 3 minutes and then wash it clean.

– There may be some tea dirt if put tea water in it for a long time. You could wipe it with orange peel and then wash it clean.


What should I do if there is odor?

There is a rubber ring in the cap, which is the key to prevent leaking. You could take out the rubber ring, and then soak it in vinegar or tea water for 2-3 hours, and then wash it clean. The odor will go away.


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