Infuser Water Bottle 27 Ounce – Choose To Infuse Your Water, Naturally, with Ingredients You Choose | The Fun & Healthy Way to Enjoy Your Daily Water | Free Recipe eBook* Included!

The Time is Now!
Choose To Infuse Your Water… Your Way!

Newly Designed Version of the Best-Selling Original Infuser Water Bottle.

Only Available from ShopKoz under our Choose To InfuseTM Brand!

Simply add your favorite fruits and/or other ingredient into the ‘Snap-Fit’ Infuser Basket, Shake Well and Enjoy! It’s Fun, Offers Great Taste and Health Benefits, too! You’re only limited by your imagination, so have fun!.

FREE ‘Infused Water’ Recipe Guide with ALL ‘Choose To Infuse’ Infuser Purchases! Includes a secret web address, so you can access this fun PDF eBook within minutes of receiving your Infuser Water Bottle.

‘Choose To Infuse’

– Eastman Tritan construction – The High Quality Difference.

– Includes Extra Large ‘Twist-Lock’ Infuser Basket – 2x Larger than Original Version!

– Now Includes a Flexable Handle for your convenience!

– Exclusive Non-Skid Base – It’s Like a built in coaster.

– Better Designed Leak Proof Design.

– Guaranteed BPA free.

– Make an Awesome Gift!

For Best Results, ‘Shake Well and Often’ during the day to keep fruit wet and water infused.

Many prepare beverages at night, for extended ‘Infusion’ time.
Shaking is The Key to Best Infusion! Whatever size infuser basket your bottle has, gentle shaking is a must. The agitation caused by shaking is what will infuse your beverage quickly and effectively.

*Hand washing is suggested. All dishwashers are not alike. Some get too hot. Hand washing will also keep your crystal clear bottle looking its best for longer with no haze.

Thank you from ShopKoz and ‘Choose To Infuse’, the Infuser Experts!


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