Price : $9.97
Brand : Factop

Generic Military Bearing Prismatic Lensatic Sighting Compass with Pouch & Neck Strap,Reference table base for estimating Distance Slope,Professionally Liquid-Dampened, Full Metal Body with Bearing Prism / Lens System,for Outdoor activities like Camping, Hiking,Scouting


This lensatic compass used by most arm forces in the world, Also great for backpackers, campers, hikers, hunter, geologists, conquerers and other outdoor activists.
Floating Luminous Dial with sapphire bearing to ensure quick movement and optical precision Liquid-filled prevents excessive oscillation of the magnet needle. The liquid is extremely stable even exposed to extreme changes of temperature and air pressure.
Durable and high quality, its well made for any weather condition, no need to worry about water damages or freezing or even extreme hot weather.
It has a 2-1/8-Inch dia face marked in 5-degree increments, a 1/4-Inch dia sight lens,
Measures 3-1/4-Inch x 2-1/2-Inch x 1-1/8-Inch when folded and comes with an 18-Inch long cord and an olive green belt pouch.


Degree to percent scale, Glass sighting window with target scale;
Prism lens system enables you to get your directions from the side
2nd scale on the side of the fluid-damped compass disc;
Durable Metal body with plastic back, Works well in all weather conditions;
Foldable Rugged Metal Case for easy storage and transport;
Luminescent North Points;
Sighting Hairline
Comes with Water Resistant Nylon Pouch;
Thumb ring for firm holding and Neck Strap;
Reference table at base for estimating Distance, Slope,
Screw-in slot for being screwed on a tripod by means of the threaded fitting in the base and serves as theodolite for simple terrain surveys;
Suitable for most outdoor activities like camping, Hiking, Scouting, Map Reading, Climbing and accurate aiming on land and water;
Color: Olive Green

Package include:

1 x Military Prismatic Compass
1 x Pouch & strap
1 x User manual


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