Price : $17.59
Brand : Energizer

Energizer 7 LED Headlamp (115 Lumens)

The Energizer 7-LED headlamp features six white LEDs and one red LED that together create five different light modes. Access the white light in the form of area, spot, or flood light; alternately turn on the red night vision with the push button switch. In addition, there is a strobe feature for signaling. The headlamp’s LEDs provide a maximum output of 115 lumens of bright white light. The headlamp’s water-resistant construction and flexible headband with comfort cushioning make it enjoyable to wear for long stretches of time in tough conditions. The Energizer 7-LED headlamp pivots up to 90 degrees to aim light where you need it without removing it entirely. The easy-open battery compartment makes changing batteries convenient when you are on the go. The Energizer 7-LED headlamp is powered by three AAA Energizer Max Alkaline batteries (included).


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