All kinds of goodies to keep you safe and sound in the wilderness

Don’t Leave Home Without This

Share on TumblrLife happens… No matter how much control we think we have over it, any given second can quickly become a crisis. And when that happens, there is no … Continue reading

[FREEBIE TOOL] 007 Would Be Proud

Share on TumblrIf there is one thing a survivalist should never be without, it’s a knife. I try to make sure that I always have one on me, but sometimes … Continue reading

Test: [Pass/Fail] Would You Pass The “Arms Length” Test?

Share on TumblrWould you pass the “arms length” test? Click here to make sure In any survival situation if you are caught unprepared you will quickly be left to survive … Continue reading

Weird Little Knife Drives TSA Crazy [You Get One FREE]

Share on TumblrThe TSA is saying [this little knife] is making them crazy? >> See It Closer Up Here << Why? Because… they can’t detect them. Our friends at Survival … Continue reading

Triple Impact EDC Tool?

Share on TumblrHave you heard of a nifty little tool called the Firekable? Check it out here You’ve probably seen para-cord bracelets before, but you’ve never seen anything like the … Continue reading


Nite Ize Curvyman Cord Supervisor – Black

Share on TumblrMeet Curvyman, Senior Headset Cord Supervisor, Frustration Preventer Extraordinaire, and Your Future Best Friend. Made of durable, lightweight plastic, his unique physique was made for keeping unruly ear … Continue reading


Flint Buckle Fire Starter Buckle Whistle Buckle Combo Paracord Survival Supplies Side Release Buckle (2 Pack of Buckles)

Share on TumblrX-Cords Fire starter whistle buckle combination. This is the ultimate survival buckle. Hidden with in the buckle itself is a flint and on the other side of the … Continue reading


Olive Drab Green Warm Wool Fire Retardent Blanket, 66″ x 90″ (80% Wool)-US Military

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ROTHCO PINK CAMO B.D.U. PANTS – Poly Cotton Twill Material – Size M

Share on TumblrCamouflage Military BDU Pants, Army Cargo Fatigues (Polyester/Cotton Twill) – Made From 55% Polyester / 45% Cotton Twill. Reinforced Seats & Knees. Adjustable Waist Tabs. Button Fly. Drawstring … Continue reading


Four Seasons Survival Tinder-Quik Fire Tab

Share on TumblrTinder-Quik fire tabs complement your Spark-Lite purchase and make sure you’ve got plenty of fire-starting ability. Each Tinder-Quik is specially treated to high standards to ensure the cotton … Continue reading

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