Best Money Belt For Travel – Hidden Pouch For Traveling – Premium Undercover Document Holder Wallet – With Gift MONEY CLIP and Lifetime Warranty

Pick Pockets And Thieves Regularly Target Tourists For Passports And Money When Travelling.

– Lost or Stolen passports, money, credit cards and valuables when overseas is a nightmare

– Skilled pick-pockets and purse snatchers easily identify and target US travellers

– It takes time, hassle and stress to recover from lost or stolen essential travel items when overseas

– Trips can be ruined by not being careful

Why Chose Our Product?

Ody Travel Gear have developed our lightweight and discreet money belt to be as comfortable as possible. Forget bright colours and khaki under light colored clothes! We tested and chose light grey to be the best color. We also selected the toughest lightweight material, zips, clips and strap to make our money belt the #1 choice for our customers.

Wear a good quality Discreet Money Belt around your waist!

– Greatly reduce the risk of ever losing any travel items again

– Stylishly designed and lightweight for maximum comfort on all shapes and sizes

– Discreet wallet hidden under the lightest of clothes

– Double stitched for maximum security

– Made with premium quality tough non-rip, water resistant fabric

– Highest quality buckle and zip closures with toggles for maximum ease of use

– Moisture wicking fabric at back for extra comfort

– Two compartments to organize items with further separate divider in large rear pocket

– Specially designed to fit US passports, credit cards, all bank notes and travel tickets

Premium Product Made by Leading Brand Designed Comes with Lifetime Warranty

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