Price : $27.00
Brand : Baby Sherpa

Baby Sherpa Safe2Go Child Safety Harness, Butterfly with Baby Butterfly

This patent pending children’s safety ”kiddie karacter” harness backpack is designed for children of walking age to 4 years old. The retractable nylon tether is attached to the backpack in the shape of a character. The child wears it like a backpack with the added bonus of also being a safety harness. Padded shoulder straps, sternum and waist belt make this comfortable to wear. The retractable tether end is the shape of another character and attaches to the wrist of the parent. It camouflages itself as a harness and has the cute look and feel for both the child and parent. Great for malls, parks, daycares, or wherever there is a crowd. Patent Pending-it is the only one on the market like it. This product meets all ASTM and CE standards.


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